Portrait Photography

5Q8A6514-2If your thinking about a portrait then look no further we will put our ideas together to stage the best possible portrait of you as a single portrait or as a couple or family group.

This photo could be taken in our studio in your own home or even on location somewhere you like, the choice is yours.

With portrature we have time to think about the clothes you would like to wear, how you want your hair to look, a full body shot or just the head?  sitting or standing? smiling or serious? colours can play big part, what looks best on you? there are lots of things to think about but we will help get the best possible pose.

Of course the biggest consideration is the time of year, for example if you want a portrait in a poppy field or bluebell covered wooded area or any kind of summer picnic shot please make sure you book it in advance so we can entrap time and encapsulate the perfect portrait at the right time of year and all important destination.