About Us

Passionate about photography and ready to take on any assignment worthy of the challenge.  Henry Harrison was born in 1955 and has taken many photographs over the years including those of Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley on the film set of Without a clue a Sherlock Holmes spoof, as well as having two parts as an extra himself.  Also having taken photo’s of Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews on the film set of The Woman He Loved which was about King Edward and Mrs Simpson and again having a small part as an extra.

Henry says Ronnie Specter was lovely lady and ex wife of Phil Specter, what a voice a very under rated singer in his  opinion her hits included Back to Black covered by Amy Winehouse, Be my baby, Rockin around the Christmas tree, photo on home page was taken at Winter Gardens W-s-M.

A long journey ensued down the path of painting and decorating rather than into the world of photography, but now he has turned his back on all that and is now concentrating purely on making a career in photography.

Henry is keen to create his own unique style and loves creating the impressionism feel to his photo’s although even in post editing this is very difficult to achieve successfully with every photo, the impressionism movement started many years ago in the 19th century by Paris based artists and he would love to continue in this style for producing posters and wall art.

Henry is now keen to find a studio where he can be more creative and get clients in to be photographed including models, and clients wishing to have a unique portrait, or portfolio, although good locations in and around the country will always make for the best kind of back drops.