Hi and welcome to the home of fever photography  where I hope you will enjoy looking through my portfolio of photo’s.

My aim is to capture and encapsulate time, imagination and  great images that people will love to look at for years to come. I want to make my photo’s interesting by creating something that people want to connect with enjoy looking at and hopefully purchase.

After taking a photographic course many years ago at Weston-s-Mare technical college my career took a different road, but now it is time to follow that dream and take on the challenge and fulfill my ambition to become a great photographer, my thirst for lovely art will drive me and the goals have been set.

I look forward to taking on new challenges and strive to offer a first class and affordable service for any types of events around the west country.

Someone once said to me do you want to be a picture taker or a picture maker?  those few words have made me realise that I want to make pictures. The biggest hurdles to continuously jump I have become to understand is light and this is by far the biggest consideration when taking the camera out on location.

To create the picture I like can sometimes take a considerable amount of hours in post editing and the amount of colours and effects one can add or subtract today is so much more numerous than when I picked up my first camera many years ago. But I do not think that every ones love of art has changed it is still relaxing to look and stare at and into a picture and get lost in time even for a moment indulging in imagination, if I manage to have that effect on the looker then I will be pleased to have created a piece of art work that has stirred someone in some way.